Creative Consultancy That Cares

Eleven Times Two is not your average Creative Consultancy, and I am not your average Consultant.

I am here to make your life easier, to enable you to follow your dreams, to help you feel inspired and impassioned and to ensure that whatever you do, you know someone has your back.

A born creator, my 18-year long career has been vast and varied and I have learned many valuable skills, but there are three that outshine them all – my creativity, my first-class organisational abilities and my passion, and it’s these characteristics that allow me to not only excel at what I do but add a little sparkle along the way.


  • Graphic Design, Artwork & Branding
  • Copywriting, Proof Reading & Editing
  • Hand-Drawn Illustration
  • Typography
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Website Management & Maintenance

My passion for writing, story-telling and effective communication is evident in all I do – so this, combined with my love of helping others, my honesty and my own personal history with the subject, I also write a blog that focuses on Mental Health and Wellness.

What started off as an outlet to get my thoughts out of my head and reframe them in a positive way soon became a voice for others and a source of guidance, reassurance and a real, raw and rare approach to subjects that affect so many of us.