About Me

Hi, I’m Shelly – a thirty-something Brummie with a big heart and an even bigger mouth!

Writing has always been something that comforted me. I’ve kept journals throughout my life and became obsessed with handwriting and seeing words appear on the page in front me from a very young age. I actually think one of my proudest childhood memories was being trusted with a Berol handwriting pen instead of a pencil. I was 7 at the time – NBD.

I’m a very creative person, so I’ve always found that I could express myself far better through writing or drawing, because it means I’m able to utilise the small window of time I’m given between an idea forming in my head and seeing it clear as day in front of me. I’m not gonna lie – a good 80% of those ideas don’t make the cut!

When I was at University, I got an A* for my written dissertation, and upon getting it back, my Art History lecturer told me that for the first time in his career he had read my work to mark it, and then he had taken it home to read it again because he enjoyed it so much. He told me I should consider becoming a writer. Several career paths came and went, and I was always the person behind the newsletter, the company blog, brochures, website content, sales pitches, speeches, presentations – you name it, it came my way. Almost 15 years later, I’m finally taking his advice.

I write about the things that make me happy, the things that tip me over the edge, the things that hurt my heart, the things I notice, the things that concern me… and all are my own views. So far in life, I haven’t run out of things to talk about, and I don’t plan on hitting that wall any time soon.

My end goal is to write a book that will change the world (no pressure), but for now I’m getting in some much-needed practice, not just while I fine-tune my writing style, but while I get comfortable with being vulnerable and honest about who I am, to my readers, and most importantly, to myself.