Dieting, Eleven Times Two

Day Five: 4 Days, 4lbs, 4 Inches

First off, let me get this off my chest before my OCD riddled brain pops off my shoulders and makes a mess that I would have to immediately clean up. I am SO pissed off the I got triple 4’s on day 5! Why? WHY?! My blog is Eleven Times Two, AKA ‘1 1 1 1’ – FOUR OF THEM! Saaaaake!

Anyway, I’m officially more than halfway through, and I’m feeling pretty great in all honesty. I’m not really going to write much today – I’m going to let the below picture and figures do the talking for me… (I’ve ‘censored’ my underwear because this isn’t that kind of blog and I’m not that basic).

Day One: Chest: 31″ | Waist: 28″ | Hips: 34″ | Weight: 7 stone, 9lbs

Day Five: Chest: 30″ | Waist: 26″ | Hips: 33″ | Weight: 7 stone, 5lbs

That’s a grand total loss of 4 inches all over and 4lbs – in FOUR DAYS. I have 5 more to go – there’s going to be nothing left of me! I’m going to be so devo’d if my ass disappears, I’ve been deadlifting and squatting like a bitch for the past month, and it was finally starting to appear! Me thinks a major lower body session is in order tomorrow morning.

That being said, it’s late and I have a spin class at 9.30am…