Dieting, Eleven Times Two

Day Four: So, I think this might actually be working?

Day Four: HALFWAY (ish – maths is not my strong point) THROUGH. I woke up, dying of thirst again, so either that’s a: a side effect, b: I’m not drinking enough or c: someone broke in and poured a bucket of sand in my mouth while I was asleep. It mostly felt like the latter – I don’t care how unlikely it is.

I am NOT a morning person, that’s part of the reason I’m doing this, aside from re-setting my eating habits, I’m trying to get some semblance of a sleeping pattern on the go. The fact that this is something I’ve been trying to achieve since my parents stopped telling me when to go to bed as a child is irrelevant. So far this is the hurdle I’ve stumbled at the most, and I’ve not yet managed to put my head on my pillow before 1am this week. Even still, the difference in my complexion is already pretty noticeable – I’m only catching about 4-5 hours shut-eye a night, and STILL, the dark circles under my eyes have improved enormously. Imagine what could happen if I only went to bed at a decent hour?!

Thanks to the extra shake in the morning, I’m no longer hungry throughout the day, like – at all. Also, (and I’m throwing an upwards grateful glance to The Universe here) I only have to drink the Aloe gel first thing in the morning now, so the worst part is over straight away leaving me to crack on with my day. I don’t think I could have coped with 4 times a day for the entire 9 days, my tolerance to it was actually reducing with every mouthful. When people say you get used to it – don’t believe them, IT’S ALL LIES! That stuff would test even the strongest of gag reflexes.

My energy levels are pretty much through the roof and I feel pretty wired (for want of a better word). Instead of getting home from work and wanting to collapse on the sofa, I got in, put my gym kit on and jumped around my living room for 40 mins to a Pop Sugar YouTube video (go and subscribe to their channel, they’re awesome) – and I actually felt like I was working each muscle individually. Even though it wasn’t particularly difficult, I was a lot more mindful about each move and rep, and I could have easily done another hour at least, BUT – everything in moderation (she says – doing a cleanse). I realise I’m on seriously reduced calories, and I want to do this sensibly. I’ve not weighed or measured myself since day one, but I know I’ve dropped a few lbs, I can mainly tell from this brand new jawline I have acquired. To be honest that’s quite terrifying in just 3 days – I’m worried that “I’m waaasting awaaaaay Sal!” (If you don’t get that reference, we can no longer be friends).

Dinner was grilled chicken, brown rice and veg, and the Jamaican in me DESPAIRED at not being able to use any coconut oil or salt, and so I used black pepper, garlic, and ginger to prevent it from being the blandest thing I’ve ever cooked, and it turned out well, I’m getting quite good at this! I am missing a lot of the little things tho when it comes to cooking, and as Hot Pepper Sauce is also a banned substance, my menu for the next week is basically fucked.

It’s now 9.40pm, and I’ve worked out, cooked, eaten AND written this blog entry – pass me my to-do list because I’ve got a lot of things to cross off! I decided this morning (after being a Negative Nelly yesterday), that if I am actually serious about changing my behaviour, then I have to catch myself on when I’m setting off down the wrong path. I gave myself a massive kick up the ass this morning, and promised myself to go all in or get all out. No more moaning (unless I can do so in a particularly hilarious way for the sake of you guys reading this), I just need to step up and get shit done. It worked. This extra focus has been channelled into being productive, getting more done in my day and having the time to sit, regroup and reflect on the day gone by… and you know what? Today was a good one.