Dieting, Eleven Times Two

Day Seven: The light at the end of the tunnel

Day Seven. A WHOLE week without sugar, caffeine, salt, and bread… and you know what, I don’t even miss it. Yeah sure there’s still a slight hankering for a chocolate HobNob after dinner, but I don’t miss tea and coffee at all, I don’t feel like I need it to get me through the day anymore.

The weekend has been a lot harder to stick to the routine set out in the Clean 9 booklet, with morning and mid-morning having a tendency to merge into one when you’re not sat at a desk working and can keep track of time. It’s also a LOT harder to get 8 glasses of water down your neck when you’re running around doing stuff – I’ve found that if I fill a bottle of water, I can count a lot easier, and take it with me.
I split my meals into two again and changed up yesterday’s plate of deathly boredom a little by making a raw spinach and mushroom omelette instead.

I’m MUCH less rigid with it, because I know the stuff I’m eating is healthy, and I’ve got a good idea of serving sizes after 4 days of weighing everything I put on my plate!

So I have two days left, and at this point, I’ve realised that clean eating and healthy living is a piece of piss when you put your mind to it. The trick is to switch up your meals and experiment a little with them to stop you from getting bored. Am I going to stick to it when I’m done? I’d say 95% yes – the other 5% will be filled with Haribo Tangfastics, Chocolate HobNobs, and the occasional Chinese takeaway, as it should be.