Dieting, Eleven Times Two

Day Three: Hangry

Only a short blog today as I’ve just got home (It’s 11.26pm) after setting out at 7.30am and I’m tired, I’m pissed off and I’m hungry.

The day started off so well (and come mid-afternoon I had a massive smile on my face, but that’s another story – one that I’ll keep to myself). I made it all the way to work without being sick on my shoes (yay – go me!) and suffered my Aloe gel at work – where I was able to sit down and be very still for 10 mins while I shuddered and pulled the same face I do after doing a tequila shot as one of the first drinks of the evening. It wasn’t pretty.

I ‘cheated today’ and ate my meal at lunchtime, and saved my shake for the evening – purely because a: I knew I was going out and b: I would have chewed my own arm off if I hadn’t. I had grilled salmon, brown rice and steamed veg (see image), and it tasted like the fucking nectar of the Gods. I did however briefly forget how to chew, and about 4 mouthfuls in I had a stomach ache and felt full up. My stomach has clearly shrunk to the size of a grape these past few days. Ugh. I slowed right down, and dutifully cleared the plate!

I’ve been to a F.R.I.E.N.D.S Charity Quiz Night that my friend Alice had organised, and was looking forward to re-living all my favourite moments. (I refrained from yelling ‘PIVOT’ as I walked up the stairs… but only just.) This night rapidly went downhill for me. Not because of the event itself, but because I was sat clutching a measly glass of water whilst THE WHOLE PUB tucked into burgers and chips all around me. I so nearly caved. I very nearly cried, and after half an hour of the smell of deep fat fried chunky chips, vinegar and meat, I was about ready to go home and demolish my fridge. I was impatient, irritable and not very much fun to be around. So – handy hint, if you’re going to embark on Clean 9, find time in your schedule to lock yourself in your house where you can’t be snarky with anyone – and stay there the whole time.

So what else have I noticed in these last 3 days? Well – my cheekbones have appeared, but so have a smattering of spots. I have boundless energy, which means I’m up late trying to burn it off, and my jeans are notably roomier, but I think that’s because I didn’t put them in the tumble dryer this time around.
I am liking that I’m paying attention to what I’m eating though, and opting for apples and salads rather than biscuits and toast. At the moment I have no choice, but it’s something I’d like to carry on doing going forward.

With that, I shall bid you all an irritable adieu, go to bed and hope to be bringing you something more positive, upbeat and more ‘Shelly’ tomorrow.