Dieting, Eleven Times Two

Day Two: The Hunger Games

Day Two of Clean 9 and I woke up more thirsty than a basic bitch pretending she ‘didn’t know’ about that nip slip on her latest Instagram selfie. How, I will never know, as I drank enough water to worry that I might drown my brain yesterday.

I got up, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I actually felt like I’d had a cracking night’s sleep, and my normal zombie-like morning ritual had an awareness about it that I’d forgotten I was capable of. Perhaps this is going to be worth it…?

The Aloe gel in the morning does not go down well for me, and I almost missed my train finding a bush to wretch into on my way to the station. I don’t suppose it helps that my leisurely walking pace is something akin to The Flash on speed, but I’m going for ‘revitalised’ here – this is so not a good look!

When I got to work, I’m not going to lie… I felt rough. I had very little energy (I’d burnt off anything that may have been remaining missioning it up two hills for the 07.39am London Midland) and I genuinely didn’t know how I was going to get through the morning. Mind over matter it would have to be. I’ve been drinking hot water and lemon which helps a lot, but then I decided to add a Honey & Lemon Green Tea bag to the mix to spice things up and it was so disgusting I wanted to cry. *sigh*

The fibre sachet drink at around 10.30am was a chore, and I swear at one point the Pink Lady apple sitting on my desk was staring at me (I caved and ate it around 3pm – it’s ok, it’s a ‘free food’). At ‘lunchtime’ I was due another shot of Aloe gel, and I’ve found that having it near a sink works for me – mainly so I have somewhere to throw the plastic shot glass I drink it from as far away from me as it humanely possible. There’s something therapeutic about watching it dash off the side of the basin and secretly hoping it will shatter. A friend on Facebook said she found biting into a strawberry straight after helped – and she was right (thanks, Vicki). I’ll deffo be doing that from now on – and passing it on to future sadists who decide to partake.

The protein shake, was once again the saviour of the day, and within 5 minutes of finishing it I felt loads better, I am SO glad I get to have one in the morning as well tomorrow. By 4.15pm I’d decided I was going to make a meal from my free foods (see image) when I got home, so I made a makeshift salad from spinach, mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, peppers, broccoli, and asparagus. I dressed it with lemon juice and black pepper and it was actually delicious. Then within 5 minutes, I was craving my normal ‘after dinner HobNob’ with a cup of tea – the first real glimpse into the habits I have and the things do automatically without even thinking about it. I guess the whole point of this is to break those though right?

Time for a quick 30 min low-intensity workout (the only thing I haven’t ticked off today’s checklist) and I am most definitely having an early night. Willpower is exhausting.